12 minutes, color, 16mm
Jeff Sias © 1995

This film is a simple metaphor: An escape from the redundance of apathy.
Click on the images below to view Quicktime clips of the scenes.
The Basement Sequence
-pixilation and optical printing-
Decrepit Barn Sequence
-pixilation and puppet animation-
End Forest Sequence
-pixilation and optical printing-
A Look Through the Keyhole

4 minutes, 16mm, color / b&w, 1994

A cautionary fairytale where a boy looses his site to a lustful curiosity.
A boy peers through the keyhole...
...and finds himself in a strange forest...
...where he is found by THE WITCH, and guided into her shack.
We can't see what happens behind the closed door...
...but the terrified boy emerges with his eyes sewn shut...
...cast back into reality, he flees down the stone hallway into darkness.
The WITCH approaches the Boy
Jeff animating the Boy running from the shack.
Jeff setting up for a shot.